The Eyeopener’s Quotes of the Year
The best soundbites this season
Quotes are integral to a sports story. They help transport the reader from the words on a paper to the victory, or heartbreak, felt by players and coaches in a game.
These quotes—often motivational and contemplative—serve as emotional timestamps for the rise and fall of sports teams.
Here at The Eyeopener, we’ve heard our fair share of sensational soundbites this year. Here’s a look at some of the best quotes from the season that showcase the small moments of victory and tenacity that will live on in Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) sports.
Kyle Bollers
Few words can capture the intensity and emotional aspect of sports more than the word “fuck.”
In this quote, Bollers expresses his shock at his former teammate, Domenico Commisso’s winning goal against the UNB Reds in the 2022 U Cup quarter-finals.
The Bold had been written off by many as a mere roadblock in the way of the Reds’ path to the finals. However, the Bold defied their underdog status and defeated the Reds 2-1, sending themselves to the U Cup semi-finals.
Dustin Reid
The TMU Bold women’s volleyball team finished the 2021-2022 season second-to-last in the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) East Division, with a disappointing 3-10 record.
Going into this year's season, all eyes were on the established program, which had previously held a winning record every season from 2012-13 until last year’s 3-10 finish.
However, coach Reid approached this season by looking toward the future instead of dwelling on the past. Throughout the 2022-2023 season, the Bold surpassed last season’s win total, finishing with a 12 - 8 record, qualifying for the playoffs once again.
Nicholas Hudson
Going into their final regular season game, the TMU Bold men’s volleyball team was in a rough position.
In order to make the playoffs, they had to win their final game against the No. 2 team in the country—the undefeated McMaster Marauders. Well, they “were undefeated” as Bold outside hitter Hudson would put it.
The Bold played their hearts out; diving, falling and doing almost anything to come away with a point. In the end, it was TMU who came away with the victory, clinching a playoff berth in a dominating straight set win against the Marauders.
Lisa Haley
After several years of disappointing results, the TMU Bold women’s hockey team head coach Haley started off the season confident that this would be the year they would finally make nationals.
The team had undergone a significant shift during the offseason, with many of their veterans graduating and the acquisition of eight first-year players, making the Bold one of the youngest teams in the OUA.
The Bold’s lack of experience showed early, with the team going on large losing streaks throughout the season. However, after a small collection of wins towards the end of the 2022 calendar year, the Bold clinched a playoff spot for the fifth consecutive season.