Zero experience game recap: Two editors at The Eyeopener walk into a volleyball game for the first time
The most unserious recap you’ve ever read
Walking into the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) on a chilly Friday night, we felt the warmth from the Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) women’s volleyball team’s energy as they prepared for their final regular season game against McMaster University.
The energy was high as the players were introduced to the crowd. Although, let it be known that we could not understand the in-house commentator at all. It was like listening to someone going through a tunnel while also wearing earmuffs. Respect to the announcer’s efforts nonetheless.
As the clock struck 6 p.m., the Bold got the ball serving in the first two sets as the game launched in their favour, winning 25-16 and 25-22.
TMU kept the ball in their court—literally and figuratively—and even when the scores were neck and neck, the Bold came out victorious through a harmonious battle against the Marauders.
Zarmminaa managed to jinx the set when claiming we “might just be able to go home early” and perhaps caused the 11-25 loss for the Bold in the third set (whomp whomp). It was at this point Madeline realized that the maximum score for each set was 25. The more you know.
The Marauders had gained newfound energy and regrouped in their set to show their full potential. However, this was bad news for the Bold. The communication and court space utilization just wasn’t enough to cut it against McMaster’s spikes and hits.
The ball was just doing its own thing as the game went on, spinning on the net and hitting laptops at the media table. It had a mind of its own! Such a silly little thing. The fear of being hit by one of those pesky little critters was always lingering throughout the game.
Amongst the stars of the game—the players, of course—we also took notice of the flag people that visually declared—with swift and certain actions—whether the ball went out of bounds or not.
Another duo we observed from time to time were the ball keepers, who worked tirelessly to ensure no server would go more than five seconds without a ball in their hand and that they were in prime serving condition.
Our hearts were in our throats while we spectated the continuous rallying where neither team was willing to throw in the towel.
Things were looking bleak in the fifth and final set as the score tipped in McMaster’s favour.
Though as the rally continued, the Bold pulled through and gave themselves a storybook ending, winning the game with a final score of 16-14.
“[I] definitely was really nervous at the end there, so it was just a lot of luck and believing,” said setter Alicia Lam. “I could hear the girls from our side and I was just focusing on that encouragement.”
Fellow graduating senior Katelyn Grasman said this game was one of the most fun ones she’s ever played. “It’s just such a sweet way to end it. It was such a great group effort from everyone on the team and I’m just so proud of everyone.”
The much-needed energy and confidence of the Bold could be credited to Toronto’s very own Mystic Muffin, where Grasman says she goes before games with teammate Julie Moore. There’s just something about those bagels that gets the team in a winning spirit. Athletes, they’re just like us.